Pure Beauty Brands is a Dutch beauty company with a clear vision: to succesfully build a new enterprise of story-telling beauty brands on the European market with an innovative & different approach of Marketing/CRM-strategies. As an exclusive distributor we will advise beautiful global beauty brands to be successful in Europe by advising on the distribution-, sales- and marketing plans and to introduce our own innovative beauty products on the European market.

The key to succes for these unique story-telling Beauty brands will be succesfully implementing a pull strategy (Marketing, CRM-strategy & Media/PR) at different distribution channels to the consumers.

The other key to success will be the drive & passion for “brand hunting” unique beautiful brands that need to be presented to European beauty lovers! .

Pure Beauty Brands has the following divisions:

Beauty Secrets around the world
Pure Beauty Brands is always “brand hunting” worldwide for unique beautiful story-telling brands! Pure Beauty Brands portfolio consists of:

Skin care

Body care

Baby care

Special Products

Perfumery & Maquillage

Caring Beauty
Besides “Brand hunting” & distribution of Beauty Brands in Europe, Pure Beauty Brands also developes their own brand-and product lines. All lines are based on natural-awareness, but also with a focus on social awareness. Pure Beauty Brands is connecting it's lines with charity organisations to raise awareness!

About Pure Beauty Brands

Pure Beauty Brands is an initiative of Melissa Tan. Passionate about Beauty products and with a beautiful working experience in the health & beauty industry.

Why Pure Beauty Brands?

  • Knowledge of the Benelux (beauty) market;
  • More than 10 years experience in product-and brand management;
  • Specialized in the health & beauty market (FMCG, OTC, pharmaceutical);
  • Established network of key accounts at perfumery, drug stores, pharmacy & closed market;
  • Strong relationship with (beauty) press;
  • Experienced in consumer insights and consumer pull strategy.


Pure Beauty Brands BV
Kabelweg 37
1014 BA Amsterdam

Telephone: +31(0) 6 38 35 90 59

K.v.K. nummer (Utrecht): 60643390